Proofreading Ographies


Profs. Bennett & Hamlin * Rogues Progress * Spring 2018 Proofreading “Ography” Contributions In the Rogues’ OneDrive, you’ll find the master “ography” spreadsheet. This file contains The Kit Marlowe Project’s Personography, Placeography, and Bibliography. Currently, we’re editing the Personography. Here

Credits: Spring 2018

The Spring 2018 “Rogues” worked collaboratively in the same groups throughout the semester. Instructors: Kristen Abbott Bennett, Scott Hamlin TA: Rowan Pereira (Stonehill ’19) Web Support: Amanda Beauregard (Fellow, Digital Innovation Lab, Stonehill ’18) Graphic Design: Jonathan Letourneau (Fellow, Digital

Image Credits

Image Credits KMP Home Page Mini-Archive tile: Photograph by Kathryn Joy (Stonehill ’17) Works tile: Christopher Marlowe, The Massacre at Paris (fragment). c. 1590.  LUNA: Folger Digital Image Collection, v.b.8,–fragment—m?sort=call_number%2Cmpsortorder1%2Ccd_title%2Cimprint&qvq=q:j.b.8;sort:call_number%2Cmpsortorder1%2Ccd_title%2Cimprint;lc:FOLGERCM1~6~6&mi=0&trs=2. Accessed 6 March 2018. Family Tree, Social Networks, Conspiracy Theories, Espionage, Game, and