Kristen Abbott Bennett

ENG 200: Shakespeare, Framingham State University

Formal Assignment 4

Due: 11/30/18


You may work in pairs, or groups of 3-4, to complete ONE of the following assignment options:

  1. Curate an online collection of available full-text editions of 1H6. Each edition will be a separate post with a separate “featured image” that we may legally use. Each post will describe what kind of edition is featured (e.g, transcription, facsimile, diplomatic, scholarly, encoded) and include a citation. You must also post your citation on the Bibliography page of our site.
  2. Transcribe, annotate, and edit one scene of the text according to established editorial principles. I will obtain EEBO scans for you and you may use my facsimile of the First Folio in class. You must include a rationale for your decision-making processes (just like our early class assignments).
  3. Develop a thought-provoking game or quiz that will help site users learn about the War of the Roses, the Lancaster and York family trees, the French and English factions, etc.
  4. Revisit our last assignment and offer a reading to counter one of SparkNotes’ or Shmoop’s character analyses or Act/scene breakdowns (we’ll post those in contexts).
  5. Conduct original research and write up a Literature Review of current scholarship surrounding the play. For our purposes, a Literature Review will be a 2-3 page summary of 6 scholarly articles that discuss the play. Be prepared to add all of your sources to the Bibliography page of our site.
  6. Curate a collection of available (even if one must pay) performances of the play. For each performance, please write a short review and explain to users whether the performance has been designed for the stage or screen. You will also need to include a citation for each performance, and post them all on the Bibliography page of our site.
  7. Contribute a summary of the compositional and collaborative history of 1H6 that includes a discussion of contemporary works by contributors (e.g., Marlowe and Nashe).
  8. Come up with your own idea, but run it by me first!

Please see the syllabus for the workshop and draft schedules.


Quick and Dirty Tips for Creating Posts

  1. Click <+New> at the top of the editing view of the site: Choose Post
  2. Insert title: Please think about consistency across the site
  3. Write a short intro to your project
  4. Include an image and a link: Be sure to offer bibliographic/digital information about the link or image in the “Description.”
  5. Add tags that describe your post (you may also want to include your names.
  6. Be sure to include a featured image in your post. This is the image that will become a “tile” on the sub-page of your section.

How to create a tile:

  1. You will paste in the following code for tiles on any given page ONLY ONCE. 
1H6 Assignment: Contribute to the KMP site
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