Massacre at Paris

Massacre at Paris fragment

The Massacre at Paris was first performed in 1593 by Lord Strange’s Men and later published c. 1594 by Edward Allde for Edward White in London.  This historical play dramatizes the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre in Paris that happened in

Edward II

Edward II illustration

Marlowe’s Edward II was first printed by Robert Robinson for William Jones in 1594, but the play was first performed in 1592 for Pembroke’s Men.  Edward II tells the story of the monarch’s life and reign, as well as his relationship with

The Jew of Malta

Kit Marlowe

The Jew of Malta is a famous tragedy, inspired by the Elizabethan attitudes towards Jewish immigrants. The play was first printed by I.B. for Nicholas Vavasour in 1633. It was first performed c. 1589-1590 by Lord Strange’s Men. Return to