The Classic Literature Library offers what appears to be a semi-diplomatic translation of Christopher Marlowe’s translation of Ovid’s Elegies, also known as the Amores, published “At Middleborough” by “I.D. and C.M.” The Classic Literature Library editors claim the work was “Written or Published Around February 1, 1582.” The British Library’s English Short Title Catalogue dates the work ca. 1599 (STC 6350.5). “I.D.” is John Davies, and we have published the first TEI-encoded diplomatic edition of his Epigrammes here. Davies wrote racy epigrams prefacing each of Marlowe’s Ovidian translations. This publication was singled out in the 1599 Bishop’s Ban on all satires (see McCabe, “Elizabethan Satire and the Bishop’s Ban“).

Image of facsimile copy of 1592 ed. of Marlowe's translation of Ovid's Elegies.Facsimile image provided by The Classic Literature Library.

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Ovid’s Amores Elegies [sic.] trans. by Christopher Marlowe (c. 1599)
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