Students in Kristen Abbott Bennett’s Fall 2018 ENGL 220, Shakespeare course at Framingham State University contributed multiple exhibits exploring Henry the Sixth, Part One.


Page design and editorial rationale: Andrew Jeromski, 2019

1H6, Performance

(Christen Caragian, 2019; Elizabeth Paulsen, 2020; Erin Cook, 2021)

1H6, Contexts

Henry VI, Part One (3.3) (Alicia Thomas, 2019; Shayna Charlton, 2021)

Joan La Pucelle: Why online study guides don’t work. (Meredith R. Purba, 2019; Elizabeth Cavicchi, 2019; Andrew Jeromski, 2019)

Games and Quizzes

The Ultimate Henry VI: Part One Quiz (Dev Rangachari, 2019; Emily McCabe, 2020; Alexis Kays, 2021; Calista Resendes 2021)

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Fall 2018: Framingham State University Contributors