Spring 2024 Internship – Weekly Summaries of Project Work

  1. Week of January 22nd
    • I updated the Kit Marlowe Project GitHub home page to include the installation guide for Windows 10/11, macOS and also the guide for running my code. In general the GitHub homepage looks much more polished.
  2. Week of January 29th
    • This week I implemented the code required for having my scripts recognize a custom corpora folder. This enables end users to run all scripts against their own corpora if they choose to do so.
    • At the same time I also added more descriptions (Jupyter Notebooks allow you to insert Markdown between code blocks) to my Jupyter Notebooks to explain a bit what each section of the code does and one can run their corpora.
    • Improved the displaying of the most_common_words Jupyter notebook, the graph looks much nicer.
    • Read a few articles on Python sentiment analysis. I believe there is room for improvement on that code.
  3. Week of February 5th
    • Fixed a naming issue with the corpus folder that introduced a lot of errors on Windows systems.
    • Added instructions on how to run the project on the cloud.
Alexander Krett – Spring 2024