February 9th

Since last meeting, I have worked on transcribing the title page of The Arte of Warre, and have worked with this page in both oXygen and Leaf. As I have been working on the title page, I have been keeping ideas that would be potential notes to either add to the powerpoint slides explaining how oXygen works and for the Leaf powerpoint in mind. I was able to transcribe all of the title page in oXygen, except for the decorative element of the title page, which we figured out in this meeting. With Leaf, I worked mostly with the tagging tools above the main display. I added tags with elements and discovered that I could add links that I found by researching, in addition to the ones that Leaf provided. I also worked with the rawxml tool on the right side of the screen, which allowed me to add tags to the document.

March 7th

Over the past month I have worked a bit on a few different elements of my internship. The main thing I have been doing is working on a PowerPoint for LEAF and editing the oXygen PowerPoint. In addition to creating and editing these slides, I have been considering how these tools might be taught, class activities that could be used, and how that could be integrated into these slides. I would like to admit that I have not been as focused on my internship as I should be over the past few weeks, and I have not devoted as much time as I am meant to. Since I have missed three journals, I am planning on adding 30 additional hours to the next few weeks (in addition to the standard 10 hours I am meant to work). I will be adding additional journals for each 10 hours until I am caught up. This is something I am going to bring up in our meeting tomorrow as well. If this is not an acceptable solution, I am okay with figuring out something else together.

Caroline Hawkes