The following are sample research questions to be aware of as you embark on your own networking project:

1. What level of connectivity is there between each node?

This image is a great example of the information you can gather from node connectivity.

By using the clustering feature within Graph Commons (GC) a new visual aid is rendered and more potential research questions are illuminated. Here is an isolated and color coded view of the “Nodes Around William Shakespeare.”

By isolating the data you worked diligently to collect––previously unrealized connections could become an integral part of your project’s findings.

2. Will your data need to be changed/updated over time? How will this affect your thesis?

If you organize your data in a spreadsheet your future self will thank you when it’s easy to make edits to your data!

As all good researchers know, a large part of the research process is re-research, double and triple checking your sources. Given the evolutionary process of writing and supporting a thesis in any project, paper, or presentation––having the flexibility to add to your supportive evidence is a must.

3. What are the limitations of your data?

Just as you would for any project, paper, or presentation, it is important to keep the limits of your project in mind.

While GC is a wonderful tool it’s still important to stay true to the limits of your project––even when it’s so fun to play with all the features GC has to offer.

Go Play!––Sample Research Questions & Insights
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