Prompt: What are you finding easy about your internship, and why? What do you find difficult, and why?

So far, the easiest thing about the Kit Marlowe Project has been editing the website itself. There are videos on the site from a former intern explaining the process of adding posts and tiles and other content, which has been very helpful for me. I had some experience with the website already from the project I did for the Kit Marlowe Project last spring as part of Brit Lit I, but after a year I was a bit rusty and it was good to be able to have a source of information to fall back on when I need it. I am also finding that my past experience with website editing from my job at Greendale People’s Church has come in handy. Although the Kit Marlowe Project is on a different website editor than the one I used at GPC ( as opposed to Wix), the basic premise of how the editing functions work is similar enough that editing and adding posts to the KMP feels familiar and easy. Aside from needing to relearn the basics of WordPress specifically, adding to the Kit Marlowe Project has been pretty easy.

One difficulty that I have been running into is the Creative Commons license. The Kit Marlowe Project is licensed through the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial Share-Alike 4.0 International License, which limits what content we can use and how we can use it. I have no experience with Creative Commons Licenses and figuring out what is and is not allowed has been a learning curve. Professor Bennett has shown me tools to help navigate image searches under the Creative Commons license which was helpful, and CC licenses are so common that a lot of websites have a page that says whether or not their content is sharable under a CC license. Otherwise, I have yet to come across many other difficulties.

February 14, 2021
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