The Folger Shakespeare Library hosts a number of digital resources. In this post you’ll find links and descriptions to all of Folger Library’s digital resources as well as links to the Kit Marlowe Project’s tutorial videos for navigating these websites.


The Digital Anthology of Early Modern Drama

EMED: The Digital Anthology of Early Modern Drama, published by the Folger Shakespeare Library is presently the sole resource for reliably edited, encoded editions of Christopher Marlowe’s dramatic corpus, as well as works by his contemporaries (excluding Shakespeare). The EMED collection also offers several options for downloading the texts, facilitating computational and visual approaches to text and corpus analysis. Click the image to the right to see the Kit Marlowe Project’s tutorial videos on EMED.

Folger Digital Texts API

Folger Shakespeare

The Folger Digital Texts API (application program interface) works with Folger Digital Texts, a complete collection of modernized editions of Shakespeare’s plays. The API offers several features for analyzing the plays using pre-programmed scripts that permit one to pull one character’s lines from a play, or to see the play from their perspective. Here you’ll also find a character chart where you can see who’s on stage at any given point in the play (great for casting activities), as well as “The Four Points of Character Analysis” activity. You may also find printed companions to these texts under the Folger Shakespeare Library imprint, as well as the plays and contexts at Folger Shakespeare).

The Folger Shakespeare offers digital editions of William Shakespeare’s drama and poetry, as well as resources about Shakespeare’s language and world.

The editions have been digitized by Michael Poston, Rebecca Niles, and Eric Johnson from the Folger’s printed series of Shakespeare’s works edited by Barbara A. Mowat and Paul Werstine. One may also download all of these editions in multiple formats, facilitating computational and visual approaches to text and corpus analysis.


LUNA: Folger Digital Image Library

A man with his face on his chest between his shoulders. He has no neck or head. Image Citation: Konran Lykosthenes (1518-1561). Prodigiorum (Basel 1557), page 9. Call #: GR825 L8 1557 Cage. Used by permission of the Folger Shakespeare Library under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

LUNA, or Folger Digital Image Library offers a wondrous resource for images that may be reproduced under a Creative Commons license as long as they are cited accordingly.

The image here, which graced the LUNA homepage at the time of the creation of the Kit Marlowe Project’s tutorial videos, is that of Konrad Lykosthenes’ Prodigiorum. Click on the image to see the Kit Marlowe Projects’ tutorial videos on LUNA, or click here to see more of Prodigiorum!


Miranda Digital Asset Platform

Folgerpedia is the Folger Shakespeare Library’s encyclopedia for all things related to the Folger Library, and contains lots of useful information about the library and its various collections.

Miranda Digital Asset Platform (Folger): The Folger Shakespeare Library has recently created a digital asset platform that catalogs, and sometimes gives one digital access to texts, recordings, 3D objects, and more.

Shakespeare Documented

The Folger Shakespeare Library’s Shakespeare Documented is an exhibit featuring primary source documents and brilliant commentaries about Shakespeare’s career as a playwright, poet, and actor, his family documents, and 17th Century legacy.


The image here is the first from the entry: “The answeres of Garter and Clarencieux Kings of arms, to the scrowle of arms exhibited by Raffe Brookesmouth caled York Herauld.” as posted on Shakespeare Documented. The images from this post are provided Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford, UK. Click the image to read more or click here to explore Shakespeare Documented.

A page of writing. There are several coat of arms depicted in the margins, including the coat of arms inherited by William Shakespeare.
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Folger Shakespeare Library Digital Resources