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Scavenger Hunt
Fall 2018

Kit Marlowe (1564-1593)

Scavenger Hunt

Today we’re going on an internet scavenger hunt to learn what we can about Christopher, aka “Kit” Marlowe. You’re going to start with our website and then explore online resources that we’ll be using throughout the class. You may download a Word document of these instructions from eLearn in order to submit your assignment.

First, surf around on the class website and learn what you can about Marlowe’s biography from last semester’s contributions.

  1. Look at the “Social Networks” presentation, then choose one figure who interests you and google their relationship with Marlowe. What did you learn? Include a note and the link to the site you found below.
  2. After reading through the Conspiracy theories and Anti-Conspiracy theories pages, choose theory that interests you and go see if you can find out anything new. What did you learn? Include a note and the link to the site you found below.
  3. Check out the Espionage pages. Can you find another article that discusses Marlowe’s (likely) career as a spy?

Part 2:

Learn about frequently used online resources by checking them out and figuring out how they work. Use the Digital Resources page on the website (a submenu of “About”) to find the following sites. Plus, find the information requested.

  1. EMED: The Digital Anthology of Early Modern English Drama

Go to the site and find one of Marlowe’s plays (pref. not the first that comes up) – tell me a bit about the publication date and known performance history.

  1. ESTC: The English Short Title Catalogue

Play with the search boxes. Search for variants on Marlowe’s name. What’s the most interesting work you found? Why was it interesting?

  1. Luminarium

Find one work of Marlowe’s that you couldn’t find elsewhere. Describe how Luminarium presents the work you chose. When was it published? Original or modernized spelling?

  1. LUNA

Find one image dated during Marlowe’s lifetime that interests you.Why is it interesting? Save it and then copy and paste it in here.

  1. EEBO-TCP Keywords in Context

Choose a keyword (person’s name or work) that you discovered today and see how many times it shows up in the Early English Books Online Database and note what year range it spans. You’re also welcome to share a screen capture here.

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Kit Marlowe Scavenger Hunt