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During our meeting on Thursday Professor Bennett decided that editing the content of the Mini-Archive Posts would take serious research and at this point it is so close to the conference date that a project like that is not feasible right now. So now the focus is on the Digital Resources page. Last week I combined the two separate posts about the Map of Early Modern London. One post was actually about the website itself and the other was just a link to the tutorial video we have to help people navigate the source. For the sake of consistency, Professor Bennett asked me to add links to the tutorial videos that we have for some of the other Digital Resource websites in their posts. She also wants me to continue with the two column format that we adapted for the Mini-Archive as well as add pictures to the posts without videos. Right now, most of the posts are just a sentence or two and it is not very engaging, I think, but adding a layout and images will make the posts look more inviting to anyone visiting the Kit Marlowe Project.

The other project I am looking into is the tiles. Most of the posts on the pages are arranged in tiles, little boxes with a picture and label. Most of the tiles that we have seem to be arranged in a grouping of four per row. When I was working on the Mini-Archive I made a note to ask Professor Bennett if that is always the case for tiles or if that can be changed. The Mini-Archive has six tiles, and it looks a bit lopsided to have a full row of tiles and then a half row beneath it. Professor Bennett did not actually know the answer so at some point I could try and make an unlisted page and a few test posts and mess around with the coding a bit to see if they default to the four per row set up or if the number of tiles per row are flexible.

February 21, 2021
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