Prompt: What are you learning—not just doing, but learning—in your internship experience?

Working with the Digital Resources , I’ve learned a lot about what resources are available to me as a student. I already knew a lot of these resources, like Voyant Tools, Luna, Six Degrees of Francis Bacon, and the Map of Early Modern London, from taking classes with Professor Bennett prior to my internship. But the list of Digital Resources is really exhaustive and not all of them have been applicable to lesson plans from past classes so some of these resources are new to me. Aside from the knowledge that these resources exist, I have also had the opportunity to learn how valuable they are. As I update the post for each resource listed on the Kit Marlowe Project, I look at each resource to see if any of them are outdated, or if the links we have no longer work. As I determine how useful these resources are for the Kit Marlowe Project, I am also seeing how useful they are from a student’s perspective. Learning about these resources as well as a bit of what information they contain is giving me a personal catalogue of what resources I can rely on for future projects and research.

I have also been looking at Christopher Marlowe’s personal network using the Six Degrees of Francis Bacon. Professor Bennett made a web of all the contributors and interns on the Kit Marlowe Project with Graph Commons for her presentation on the Kit Marlowe Project on the 5th. The webs via Graph Commons are similar to the webs made with the Six Degrees of Francis Bacon and Professor Bennett thought it would be a good idea to have a web for Kit Marlowe’s social life that people can interact with on the Kit Marlowe Project directly. I knew a lot about Kit Marlowe’s personal life already, I wrote the encyclopedia entry for Kit Marlowe last year but learning more about who he knew personally and how they interacted and engaged with each other gives me a different lens to view him though, I think.

March 14, 2021
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