The Fall 2017 “Rogues” worked collaboratively in the same groups throughout the semester. The team names reflect the web exhibits that each group researched, designed, and posted here; they worked in the same groups to encode both Francis Meres’s Wit’s Treasury and John Davies’s Epigrammes. 

Instructors: Kristen Abbott Bennett, Scott Hamlin

TA’s: Jenny Carion (Stonehill ’19), Casey Lyons (Stonehill ’19)

Web Support: Amanda Beauregard (Fellow, Digital Innovation Lab, Stonehill ’18)

Graphic Design: Melanie Bonneau (Fellow, Digital Innovation Lab, Stonehill ’19)


Web Exhibits

Works: Lauren Gillis (Stonehill 2020), Bailey Grant (Stonehill 2020) Sinéad O’Brien (Stonehill 2020), MacKenzie Pleshaw (Stonehill 2020)

Family Tree: Peter Gill (Stonehill 2019), Adam Mocciola (Stonehill 2019), and Andrew Rivelli (Stonehill 2020)

Social Networks: Jacqueline Davis (Stonehill 2020), Brooke Doehler (Stonehill 2020), Stacey Sarto (Stonehill 2020)

Death Conspiracies: Adam Adamcewiciz (Stonehill 2020), Julianna Fitzpatrick (Stonehill 2020), Lindsey Morissette (Stonehill 2020), Ethan Vidyarthy (Stonehill 2020)

Anti-Conspiracy Theories: Fendy Lormine (Stonehill 2019), Rowan Pereira (Stonehill 2019), Ashka Ramanlal (Stonehill 2020)

Espionage: Seamus Bruno (Stonehill 2018), Michael Herlihy (Stonehill 2020), Joseph McNamara (Stonehill 2020)

Game: Malana Manchanda (Stonehill 2020), Jessica Massey (Stonehill 2019), Morgan Silva (Stonehill 2019)


Francis Meres, Wit’s Treasury

Editor (Spring 2018): Rowan Pereira (Teaching Assistant, Stonehill ’19)

Transcription, Encoding, Editing (Fall 2017)

Rowan Pereira

Ashka Ramanlal

Fendy Lormine

Sinéad O’Brien

Lauren Gillis

Bailey Grant

MacKenzie Pleshaw

Adam Mocciola

Peter Gill

Andrew Rivelli


John Davies, Epigrammes and Elegies

Editor (Spring 2018): Rowan Pereira (Teaching Assistant, Stonehill ’19)

Transcription, Encoding, Editing (Fall 2017)

Anthony Adamcewicz

Seamus Bruno

Jacqueline Davis

Julianna Fitzpatrick

Malana Manchanda

Joseph McNamara

Lindsey Morrissette

Ethan Vidyarthy

Michael Herlihy

Jessica Massey

Morgan Silva

Brooke Doehler

Stacy Sarto

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The Kit Marlowe Project by Kristen Abbott Bennett is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Credits: Fall 2017