To develop this map, we used Pelagios Commons’s Recogito tool, which is a beta program. We converted the EEBO-TCP’s 1604 version of Doctor Faustus into a text file and uploaded it into Recogito. The interface automatically highlighted what appeared to be place names in the text. We read through the text, correcting annotations. Some words recognized as place names were not and others were not automatically tagged. Lastly, we created the map which highlights Faustus’ adventures with Mephistopheles in green. The sizes of the pins reflect location frequency in the play. Although these images are static, if one is logged in to the Recogito site, they may interact with the text and the maps.


  • Justin Weitbrecht (Stonehill ’20) and Tonino Sarandrea (Stonehill ’20)

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Mapping Faustus with Recogito
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