No Prompt

The final entry required for my internship journal focuses on translating my internship experience onto my resumé, so this post is specifically about my last project instead since my other entry will not discuss it. The last project that I undertook before the end of the semester, and subsequently my internship, was adding a quiz to the Games & Quizzes page. My reason for wanting this internship, aside from the fact that I adore Professor Bennett’s enthusiasm and wisdom, was that I wanted to add to the Games & Quizzes section. Even though I only made one quiz it was actually very time consuming. All of the answers in the quiz are from the text and in the quest to find those quotes I basically ended up rereading all of Doctor Faustus. The other challenge was determining the breakdown for the quiz results. Each answer for any question corresponds to one of the final results, so not only did I have to find quotes, I had to find quotes that worked with the final results. My planning document for the quiz is included in this journal entry for anyone that wants to see it.

May 2, 2021
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