Date Time
9/16 7:00-9:30 (2.5)
9/18 3:00-5:30 (2.5)
9/20 2:30-4:15 (1.75)


Sunday (9/16): I edited the rest of the 1664 edition of Doctor Faustus on paper, so my next step here would be to go through the code and make the changes that I found in the paper. After that, I need to confer with Professor Bennett to review the encoding techniques.

Tuesday (9/18): I made it up to Chapter VI of the Faustus code, spending the entire time making the changes that I found on paper. I have a few questions, but Professor Bennett and I are going to be in touch on either Friday or Saturday. Based on my pace right now, I’m confident that I’ll be able to get through all of the code for the 1664 edition. My plan after I finish the code would be to upload it to TAPAS (I may have to get in touch with Professor Hamlin about this?) and go back and edit the document all over again, and double check that I’ve caught most, if not all, of the transcription errors. I was thinking about doing this internship in two parts: the first being to get through both the 1664 and the 1696 versions of Doctor Faustus (both transcriptions and encoding), then focus on some research surrounding the field of digital humanities and the annotated bibliography that Professor Cohen and I had talked about. If I make it through that, I would love to get started on the Hero and Leander texts that Professor Bennett was going to have the Kit Marlowe LC work on this Fall 2019 semester. I feel like I’m making pretty good progress in terms of getting these things done, but it’s hard to see how far I’ll be able to get. With the research, there are so many directions that I could go in, so I’d be interested to see how that goes!

Thursday (9/20): I just finished editing the code for the 1664 edition of Faustus!! I definitely need to look it over again, but I’m excited to have finished a big step in getting this edition finalized. I’ve emailed the document to Professor Bennett, and am waiting to hear back from her, but we are having a Skype call on Saturday at 1:00 to go over any questions I have, so I should be okay. I’m going to try uploading the new code to TAPAS and see then go through the process of checking to make sure the transcription mirrors the original text.


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Pereira, September 16-22, 2018
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