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On Tuesday, Professor Bennett emailed me to redirect my focus for the week. She is giving a talk at the National University of Ireland, Galway on March 5th on teaching scholarly editing. So now the focus is on the Mini-Archive section, which needs a bit of work before being on display for the scholarly world like that. For starters, the tile images for some of the posts are missing, and some of the images in the other posts are ambiguously sourced and need updating. We also want to add images to the posts that only have text so that they match the posts that have both text and images. In addition to consistency, the other goal for this week is modifying the layout of the posts in the Mini-Archive. Putting the text and images in a two-column format will make the posts look clean and aesthetically appealing. Once the posts have a better look then I’ll move on to adding to the text on each post so they are a bit more descriptive, though that might not happen until next week depending on how long reformatting and image adding takes.

The other update for this week is that Professor Bennett found a website where you can take a quiz that calculates what your social class would have been in Early Modern England. The quiz is from Middling Culture, and it fits well with the other content in the Kit Marlowe Project. I made a post for it this afternoon and added it to the Games and Quizzes section, which took a few hours since I had to relearn the website a bit. I have not had any cause to edit or contribute to the Kit Marlowe Project since Old English I last spring and my familiarity with WordPress was a bit rusty.

February 7, 2021
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