Prompt: At the beginning: what are your expectations, hopes, and concerns for the internship?

I met with Professor Bennett on Thursday and we discussed what parts of the Kit Marlowe Project need some love this semester. The top priority is the “Games and Quizzes” section of the website. It currently has no games and only one quiz, which is a bit disappointing, but the lack of content just means there is no shortage of room for improvement. The plan is to use current posts as the basis for the games and quizzes. We want people to interact with the information available on the site first and then use the games and quizzes as a way of testing what they learned. The second goal is to “up our digital resource game”. The posts currently up on the site are a bit lackluster so making them more interesting is one component of the task. The other part is adding new resources and flagging current resources that are outdated or do not work anymore. Another task, very low on the priority list, is linking encyclopedia entries to other site content like the bibliography or other encyclopedia entries.

The plan right now is that prior to our next meeting (February 4th) I should start researching and brainstorming for the games and quizzes section. I need to find some game design websites that we can reuse under a creative commons license, isolate some of the content that we already have that I can base a game or quiz on, and look over the digital resources page a bit so I have an idea on where to start when I move on to that task.

So far, my expectation is that this is a lot, both in terms of time and work, but it’ll be rewarding work I think. Now that I’m not working at STC anymore it’ll be nice to have something to do besides classes, especially since this overlaps a lot with my classes and interests already. As always, my biggest concern is time management. Last semester that was my biggest challenge (aside from COVID), but I’ve started keeping a calendar and designating specific times each day for doing work for specific classes or my internship so hopefully this semester I’ll be able to stay on top of my workload instead of cramming last minute.

January 31, 2021
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