Prompt: What workplace-related behaviors and attitudes are you experiencing? Have you had experience with this kind of workplace before? If not, how is it similar to and different from previous workplace experiences?

Obviously these are unprecedented times, so having a working environment be all-remote is a new experience for me. I have never had a working experience that had no in-person interaction, even at my past and current jobs during the pandemic. Despite the normalized oddity of a remote workplace, my experience working with Professor Bennett have been similar to my past work experiences. She has a very friendly, but professional, attitude as a site supervisor. There is also an obvious enthusiasm present in her approach to projects. It is incredibly apparent after working with her these past few months that the Kit Marlowe Project is a passion project first and foremost.

The one way I would say this internship differs from my past workplace experiences is that this internship has a very singular focus. In my past job as a Communications Coordinator and my current job as an Administrative Aide where I had the responsibility of managing and creating content for websites, that responsibility was not the only aspect of my job. I would be updating the website, yes, but I would also be answering phones, planning the company calendar, organizing documents and records, vetting building visitors, etc. It was, and still is, a very hectic work environment by virtue of tasks being interrupted by other tasks. This internship with the Kit Marlowe Project is singular in focus and it allows me to have a work experience of total immersion. I like having the opportunity to work on one specific project for a long stretch of time uninterrupted. It is very unique, at least to me, and very conducive to producing content made with absolute devotion. Not having any other responsibilities besides the project(s) of the week is a nice change of pace compared to my past workplace environments and experiences.

April 18, 2021
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