Each week, please write a 1 paragraph summary about the work you’ve completed and log in how many hours it took. You should be working 8 hours per week.

Additionally, please write 1-2 paragraphs reflecting upon one of the following prompts. You may choose whichever you like – the goal is to relate your experiences here to your coursework and your personal growth.

At the beginning: what are your expectations, hopes, and concerns for the internship?
What are you learning—not just doing, but learning—in your internship experience?
How does what you are learning relate to your coursework?
How does what you are learning relate to your career plans? What have you discovered about your preferences for type of work and work environment? What aspects of your career plans has this internship confirmed, and which (if any) has it made you question?
What are you finding easy about your internship, and why? What do you find difficult, and why?
What is exactly as you expected? What is surprising? What is positive or negative about these realities?
What workplace-related behaviors and attitudes are you experiencing? Have you had experience with this kind of workplace before? If not, how is it similar to and different from previous workplace experiences?
How can you effectively communicate your internship experience on your résumé? During the last few weeks of the semester, provide an updated résumé (with an entry for this internship) and link to some job postings you’ve found that interest you. How confident do you feel about your employment prospects? What, if anything, could you do to strengthen your candidacy?

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