For the first week of my internship, I proofread and compiled the four documents of the encoded pages for the discouerie of witchcraft. This included the work done by the class of honor students in Introduction to Digital Humanities, my work which I did last semester, and chapters two and three done by two students for their final projects in their DGHM class. Before I decided to put all four documents into one, I proofread each document. I did not find many errors but there were a few grammatical errors such as missing letters due to the older style of English and also encoding errors such as missing line breaks. On two different pages I find whole sentences missing and marginal notes not notated. While it did take me many hours to go through it looks much better and more consistently spaced.

1/26     2:30pm-3:40pm    (1 hr)

1/29     3:40pm-8:00pm    (5hr)


1/30    11:00am-2:00pm    (4hr)



Going into this internship I have a lot of hope for what it can teach me as a person and help me in my future profession. My expectations from this internship is that I will get experience with working on projects further in depth than a regular class could allow. The one on one nature of this class also will, I expect, drive me to improve on my time management skills. I expect to be focusing on transcribing and encoding Reginald Scot’s Discouerie of Witchcraft. Since the text is going on the Kit Marlowe Project I expect I will be researching the connections between Scot and Marlowe. To do this though I will first need to work on the personography.

In regards to my hopes for this class I hope to discover connections between the writers, people the work is dedicated to, and the other people mentioned. I hope to learn a lot in regards to the digital humanities but also about all these historical people. My only concern is not taking too long to do the work. For this week it took me ten hours to go through the transcribed and encoded work and put it all in one file. I want the work to look good so I meticulously looked through it and did find several errors. 

I’m really looking forward to this internship and seeing what it will teach me and what I can do in it and with it.

Kelsey Rhodes – January 26-February 2, 2022

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