For the second week of my internship the document from last week was posted on TAPAS. Being on TAPAS I could better see what needed to be worked on such as spacing issues that were causing words to merge. One of the two main things I focused on was changing and correcting the font sizes specifically for titles and pages of smaller font. The other thing I focused on was text-aligning specifically titles and catchwords which due to TAPAS would not work. Therefore I focused my efforts on further proofreading the document. The other thing I did was add page B.1.v and properly format and encode it.

2/3     2:20pm-4:30pm    (5 hr)


2/4     12:00pm-2:40pm    (3 hr)

2/5    1:00pm-3:30pm    (4.5 hr)


2/6    10:20pm-12:30pm      (2 hr)

Total: 14 hrs


What I have found to be easy about this internship is finding things to do. I’m of the mind that there are always things to do and things to improve on. In regards to Oxygen I find it easy to navigate for the tools I need. For the most part I remember the code I need to use to note different aspects of the text. If I don’t remember something I have my previous work to reference and the powerpoints of how a specific code should look. The only trouble I’m finding is that Oxygen does not always tell you when something in the code is wrong. Such as using a comma instead of a semicolon or a colon. Since the code does not work when the wrong punctuation is in I do not know why it does not inform of such errors.

So far the biggest trouble I am finding is with TAPAS which is not recognizing the code I am putting in. The first page recognizes the text being centered but all the pages after that it will not recognize centering code. I believe this is on TAPAS end but I can not be completely sure. Beyond TAPAS the only thing I am having trouble with is spending too much time working on problems. I do not see this as much of an issue since currently it is just due to TAPAS being troublesome. So far I am really enjoying my internship and getting to further my previous work.

Kelsey Rhodes – February 3- February 9, 2022