Having finished encoding the Shakespeare sections of the text last week, for this week I focused on proofreading and fixing the code. I first off fixed the printer’s ornaments to make them more noticeable as notes on TAPAS which entailed adding asterisks to the beginning and end of the description. I also added some printer ornaments and a figure for an unknown symbol in the text. After this I went page by page checking indentation since I found adding an ‘‘em’ indent in the paragraph tag worked. I also changed the blurb before the chapter began to a paragraph. I think it makes sense and it allows me to center the paragraph. Lastly I checked the new additions from last week to make sure the marginal notes were on the correct side.

Once all this editing was done I worked on splitting the Oxygen document into three sections; the epistles, the first chapters, and the Shakespeare sections. Then I created a blurb for each of them which describes the pages and the content. I also created a blurb for the derogatory word on pg 153 of the text. With some time left I meticulously read through the TAPAS document to look for any grammatical errors. I paid special attention to strangely spelt words and words that included s or ſ. I hope to finish reading through it next week due to the large amount of errors I found.

2/26    1:45pm-5:45pm    (4 hr)

2/27     9:40am-11:40am (2hr)

2/28 4:30pm-4:30pm (1hr)


3/1 7:15pm-8:15pm (1hr)

Total: 8hrs


Once I finish at Framingham State University, I plan to continue my education by transferring to a school that offers a master’s in library science. From there I hope to find a career in library science, currently, however, I am unsure what type of library I exactly want to work in and what I want to specialize in. This internship along with the internship I have at the Whittemore Library on campus is helping me discover what kind of work I do and do not like doing. What I have discovered is that I do not mind repeated work, but I need my mind to be engaged. Therefore, I enjoy transcribing and working with TEI. While working with the text I can listen to a show or some music just copying the letters on the page and so while it may be meticulous, I enjoy it. When I get to the encoding portion, I can’t really listen to anything, but my mind is fully engaged in what I’m doing, noting the people, the way the paragraphs are indented, and even the size of the font making what may be tedious work capture my full attention.

Going past the kinds of work I like; I need a quiet work environment which I can control the noise level of. I can be easily distracted so I need a work environment where there’s not a lot of people talking. As I mentioned in my previous post music can be extremely helpful to drown out people and the silence. Depending on the work it helps me work better. This internship confirms that I want to pursue library science and with further research will probably help me figure out what area of library science I want to go into.

Kelsey Rhodes – February 24- March 2, 2022