Having over spring break worked through the entirety of the transcribed and encoded document proofreading I spent the half of my time this week finishing the last epistle. I already had three of the last epistle’s pages encoded so all I had to do was add the rest of the pages. For each of the pages I started off by copying what I had transcribed and pasting it into Oxygen. From there I added the tags for the title then I added the tags for the signature and the catchword. Next, I broke the page apart by denoting the paragraphs, paying attention to add in when indents were needed at the start of a paragraph. Working my way further in I added tags for person names, language tags, and tags for italics and font changes. Working this way, I finished each page. The last page for this epistle ended with a chart. To add this chart, I opened the author view in Oxygen and in the right-hand corner I selected to add a chart with three columns and ten rows. Once I had finished transcribing, I saved the file and uploaded it into TAPAS where I then had the original text and the TAPAS file to then compare and edit mistakes.

With that finished I created the tiles for each section on the Kit Marlowe Project. Since the files have not yet been uploaded onto TAPAS I just added the blurbs to each page. With this done I spent the last bit of time working on the paper for the website.

3/25    3:10pm-3:40pm    (3 hr 10 min)


3/26      12:50pm-3:20pm    (3 hr 50 min)


3/27    11:10am-12:40pm    (1 hr 30 min)

3/28 9:30am-11:00am (1hr 30min)

Total: 10 hrs


Going into this internship I expected to finish transcribing and encoding Reginald Scot’s The Discovery of Witchcraft. With having finished transcribing and proofreading the last epistle this week this has been accomplished. I also expected to work on the Kit Marlowe Project website. My work on it so far has not been much since I have only added blog posts to it. However, I have learned to create tiles and keep my writing concise. Not having done much work on the website  is not a bad thing due to having learned a lot about website management and upkeep in a previous class. However, as I have begun to work on my paper and we will be adding the book to the website this work will increase. 

Nothing much so far has been surprising. I was surprised we did not get to the personographies but this has come down to the amount that needed to be encoded and thoroughly proofread. Also as I have begun to research both Sir Roger Manwood and Sir Reginald Scot I found it interesting that they were both Members of Parliament, even if at different times. 

    The amount of work I am expected to finish each week is very manageable. Knowing how many hours of work I need to do helps me plan out my time and the work I need to accomplish.

Kelsey Rhodes – March 24 – March 29, 2022