Thomas Nashe (1567-1600/1) was a satirical Elizabethan writer of poetry, pamphlets, and dramatic works. At fourteen, Nashe joined St. John’s College of Cambridge University, and received his BA. Nashe was associated with Christopher Marlowe, Robert Greene, and Thomas Watson. In 1589, he wrote the prefaces to Robert Greene’s Menaphon and The Anatomie of Absurdity. During the Martin Marprelate Controversy in 1589-1590, Nashe was the Crown’s hired gun, defending Anglicanism against “Martin’s” Puritanism. Nashe was also well known for his vicious flyting with Gabriel and Richard Harvey, and co-wrote the now-lost, and likely seditious, play Isle of Dogs with Ben Johnson, for which he would be exiled. He died of unknown causes in 1600/1601.

Nashe, Thomas