Robert Greene

Robert Greene (1558-1592) was a popular English pamphleteer and dramatist. Most famously known for a pamphlet attributed to him, Greene’s Groats-Worth of Wit, which is believed to critique William Shakespeare. Greene was known for his negative critiques of his colleagues.  

He was baptized in Norwich on July 11th, 1558. Greene matriculated as a sizar at St. John’s, Cambridge where he received his BA. Later received MA at Clare Hall, Cambridge. Upon graduation, Greene married a woman and began writing dramas, most were published posthumously. The plays earned himself the title, ‘University Wits’, including George Peele, Thomas Nashe, and Christopher Marlowe. Before starting his career, he abandoned his wife and newborn child to live a lonely life in London, supporting himself by writing plays. His life ended on September 3rd by alcohol positioning, 1592. He would have passed in the streets if it wasn’t for the care of the shoemaker of Dowgate.   


Author: Meghan Ghazal  

Editor: Adam Mocciola  

((Stonehill College))

Greene, Robert
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