One of the first things I decided to start on for this week’s work was to fix the blurbs for the tiles I created last week. I had noticed that there were some minor grammatical errors, italicizing errors, and I had to add on the blurb about the derogatory word. While I was working on this section, I also added links to each of the TAPAS files which also includes a picture leading to each section of the Discovery of Witchcraft.

Once this was done, I started working further on my paper. As we had discussed last week I split the topics into an introduction, Sir Roger Manwood section, the first chapter’s section, and a section about the book’s popularity and possible use by Shakespeare. Each section will then correlate to the TAPAS file.

4/2      3:30pm-5:30pm    (2 hr)

4/3    11:40am-1:10pm    (2 hr 30 min)


4/4   1:20pm-2:20pm    (1hr)

4/6    8:00pm-11:00pm (3hr)

Total: 8hrs 30min


In this internship I have found transcribing and encoding quite easy. I think this is due to having done this many times now, so I have my own way of best doing this work. When transcribing I can have two pages open, one is the original text, and the other is a google file. When I encode I have the Oxygen file open, the original text, and a list of encoding tags. This makes it easier to encode the document having the files split screen.

The thing I have been finding difficult is the work I have been doing this week. Part of what I have found difficult is finding enough work to do and not getting distracted. I have found it hard to just sit down for several hours to research and write. This week has been a bit of a mess due to this, but I also think I have realized that I need a different type of system to get this type of work done. I might just have to work in smaller intervals with rewards for focusing and getting work done. Rewards after challenging work are necessary.

Kelsey Rhodes – March 31 – April 6, 2022