For this week‘s work I did not have much left to finish on the website. I did find a few mistakes which I fixed. The rest of the time I worked on my reflection for this internship. In writing my reflection it was especially helpful to look at my blog posts to remember how much I accomplished this semester’ internship. The rest of the hours I have to fill I will be using the extra hours which I have from working over spring break.

4/30    10:30pm-1:30pm    (3hrs)

5/3      11:00-12:10pm    (1hr 10min)

Plus Spring Break Hours (4 hr 40min)

Total: 8 hr 50 min


During the first week of this internship I reflected on what I expected from it, so I figured I would see you if it delivered. Going into this internship I had a lot of hope for what this internship could teach me as a person and how it could help me in my future profession. This internship did not disappoint. I got plenty of experience with working on projects further in depth than a regular class would have allowed. The one-on-one nature of this class allowed me to get help when I needed it and also improved my time management skills and my self managing skills. During this semester I got to focus on transcribing and encoding Reginald Scot’s The Discouerie of Witchcraft which is just what I want to do. While I did not work on the personographies I was able to research the connection between Scot and Marlowe that is Sir Roger Manwood. 

Discovering the connections between the author, Sir Roger Mannwood, Christopher Marlowe, and William Shakespeare was one of my favorite parts of this semester. I was also able to learn a lot in regards to the digital humanities and some of the historical people within the test. 

I think I did a great job at managing my own time and getting all the work I needed done finished. I really enjoyed this internship, working on The Discouerie of Witchcraft, and especially working with Professor Kristen Abbott Bennett during my Digital Humanities minor.

Kelsey Rhodes – April 28, 2022 – May 3, 2022