Unfortunately I spent most of this week sick so I decided to use some of my spring break hours to fill this week up. However, I did get a good start on my Digital Humanities Internship Reflection. In my introduction I covered all that we planned to accomplish this semester. In each body paragraph I am going to cover each section I worked on. In the final paragraph I will close the paper off by giving my final thoughts on what I learned from this semester’s internship. I also spent some time working on my resume and job searching.

4/25    10:30pm-11:30pm    (1 hr)

4/26    9:30am-11:30pm    (2 hr)

Plus Spring Break Hours (5 hrs)

Total: 8 hrs


For a class I had last semester I created a LinkedIn profile. Part of the problem with that is that it seems to value my work experience over my college experience. However, using my experience as assistant editor on multiple Digital Humanities projects I was able to find some jobs that did interest me. I don’t know if I would necessarily get the job but I do think I qualify for much of what they asked for with my English degree and my Digital Humanities minor.

Editorial Assistant at Harper Collins

Part Time Library Assistant

I think the biggest thing that would strengthen my candidacy would just be experience. With this experience I think my confidence in the job and myself would be greatly improved. For jobs in fields I am looking for I would need my masters degree in Library Science. However, seeing that alumni from Framingham State University and Target work for businesses that I may want to work at is very encouraging. Especially knowing that through this internship and my internship at the campus library I already have some job experience.

Kelsey Rhodes – April 23, 2022 – April 27, 2022