Our goal is to curate a collection of open-access editions of Marlowe’s literary works, performances, and resources. The following links lead to pages dedicated to given works that will continue to be populated with posts featuring variant reading editions, links to performances and reviews, as well as student-generated scholarship and web-exhibits.

Editorial Rationale

These works are listed alphabetically and not organized by genre. Although genre can be a useful means of general organization, many of these works can’t be neatly classified in this way. Similarly, dates of composition are not always reliable. Listing them alphabetically removes any ambiguity regarding genre classification or composition dates, and is the most egalitarian means of organization. – Andrew Jeromski, Framingham State University

Works image credit: Marlowe, Christopher. Massacre at Paris (fragment), [manuscript], ca. 1590. LUNA, Folger Digital Image Collection, J.b.8.

Spring 2018 students enrolled in Stonehill’s “Rogue’s Progress” course co-taught by Kristen Abbott Bennett and Scott Hamlin initially populated many of Marlowe’s dramatic works. Framingham State University students enrolled in Bennett’s Fall 2018 Shakespeare course decided upon the rationale for ordering the works and populated parts of Henry VI, Part One

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