Ingram Frizer


Ingram Frizer (1561-1627) is known for the murder of Christopher Marlowe, in an act done by the English Secret Service. 


Ingram Frizer was supposedly born in Kingsclere, Hampshire. Before Marlowe’s death, he was known as a dishonest businessman in real estate and a nonviolent man. Frizer associated with the English Secret Service, because of his time spent with Thomas and Francis Walsingham, who were both spies. Although, he closely associated with the Walsinghams, there is no proof that he involved in any Secret Service work, or a spy himself. It is said that he stabbed Marlowe in self-defense after getting in a fight over a food bill after spending the day in Eleanor Bull’s house in Deptford. However, some think the murder was an order from the English government. People had suspicion around the government being involved in his short jail sentence for the murder of Marlowe in June 1593. Marlowe and Frizer were not closely connected before this incident, which further added to the suspicion. He faced no consequences from the incident, until his death in Eltham, Kent.


Author: Laura Darr 

Editor: Peter Gil 

(Stonehill College)

Ingram Frizer
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