In 1587 a letter from the Privy Council to the University of Cambridge declares Marlowe to have been recently engaged, discreetly and ably, upon secret affairs of State. – DeKalb

  • Marlowe was believed to be working in secret at a young age.
  • Marlowe left school at the University of Cambridge to attend to these matters.


Mr. Hotson, by reference to the Bursar’s Books of Corpus, concludes that the period during which Marlowe was employed as a government agent lies probably between February and July of 1587, as he was absent from the college throughout that time. –  Gray 

  • Marlowe was believed to have left school early to work as a government agent.
  • During this time Marlowe was absent from school and was thought to be first employed by the British Government.


Autograph letter signed by Sir Francis Walsingham to unknown recipient: May 26, 1574


Both Marlowe and Friser were known associations with Thomas Walsingham, a cousin of Secretary Walsingham, who held the threads of so much underground ‘service’ of Elizabeth. Chambers

  • Marlowe began working closely with secret agents of the crown.
  • These agents were described as working in “underground service” for the queen.

Surviving college buttery (provisions store) accounts indicate Marlowe began spending lavishly on food and drink during the periods he was in attendance – more than he could have afforded on his known scholarship income. –Nicholl

  • Marlowe began spending from an unknown source of income.
  • He was believed to be handsomely compensated from the Queen while partaking in secret affairs.

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