Thomas Drury (1551-1603), a government informant, accused Marlowe of atheism. 

Thomas Drury worked for Sir Nicholas Bacon as a government informant and messenger. Drury attended Caius College, but didn’t earn a degree. He was arrested in 1585 for no documented reason. The length of his stay at the Fleet Prison is unknown. Drury accused Richard Cholmeley of atheism in a letter he called “The Remembrances.” He was tasked with investigating Christopher Marlowe on charges of atheism and blasphemy in regards to the Baines Note. Supposedly, the Elizabethan government commissioned Drury to publicly accuse Marlowe of atheism. Less than one month later, Marlowe was killed. Unable to stay away from trouble, Drury was in prison several times.  

Author:  Walsh, Kristen
Editor: Pereira, Rowan
Stonehill College
Drury, Thomas
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