William Bradley

William Bradley (cerca 1563-1589) was well known for being a thug who had several vicious encounters.  

William Bradley spent most of his time in London around Hog Lane, which was also the place of his death. Bradley’s father’s name was William Bradley Sr, and raised Bradley on the corner of High Holborn and Gray’s Inn Lane. Bradley was frequently in trouble, his most popular fight involved Christopher Marlowe and Thomas Watson. Bradley owed a lot of money to an innkeeper, John Allen, who knew Watson and Marlowe. After a court hearing about the debt Bradley had, he became afraid of Hugo Swift (Allen’s Lawyer & Watson’s Brother-In-Law) along with Watson and Allen. This fear made Bradley want to attack Watson first in order to save himself. On September 18, 1589, Bradley was walking down Hog Lane looking for Watson, but was confronted by Marlowe instead. Bradley and Marlowe drew swords and Watson appeared shortly after. Bradley struck first, stabbing Watson, but Bradley was no match for the other two men. Watson stabbed Bradley in the heart, killing him instantly. Bradley’s known associates include Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Watson, Hugo Swift, and John Allen.  

 Author: Pat Shore, Stonehill 2018

Editor(s): Ethan Vidyarthy and Julie Fitzpatrick


Bradley, William
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