The title page for "Tamburlaine the Greate".

The title page for Marlowe’s “Tamburlaine the Greate” from the Boston Public Library’s Thomas Pennant Barton Collection. The page is yellowed and decorated with a motif of ivy at the very top. Underneath the motif it reads: “Tamburlaine the Greate. VVho, from the ſtate of a Shepheard in Scythia, by his rare and wonderfull Conqueſts, became a moſt puiſſant and mighty Monarque.” Below the text is a straight line, with a large decorative fleur-de-lis beneath it. Under the fleur-de-lis lists the publication information: “LONDON Printed for Edward White, and are to be ſolde at the little North doore of Saint Paules – Church, at the ſigne of the Gunne. 1605.”