An image of the title page of Christopher Marlowe's "The Tragicall Historie of the Life and Death of Doctor Faustus".

A picture of a title page. The top of the page is titled “The Tragicall Hiſtorie of the Life and Death of Doctor Fauſtus”. Underneath this title is a line that reads “With new Additions”. Below that line is another reading “Written by CR. MAR.” Underneath this line is a square image, taking up most of the bottom half of the page. The image depicts a man, contextually recognized as Doctor Faustus, standing in a circle of symbols and sigils. He is holding a book in his left hand and a long staff in his right. In the bottom right corner of the image there is a demonic looking figure, half the height of Faustus, looking up at him with one are extended slightly towards him, palm up and fingers curled inward. On the wall behind Faustus there is a round lantern. The middle of the wall shows a rectangular window, and the area to the right has a shelf with some books and what looks like a decorative plat. Below the shelf, directly behind the demonic figure, is a large cross. The floor on which Faustus and the demon stand on is tiled in a neat, gridded pattern. The line of text below the image reads “Printed in London for Iohn Wright, and are to be ſold at his ſhop without Newgate. 1631.”

Doctor Faustus Title Page